13th Annual Threads For Success $500 Scholarship Winners 2019

On Saturday March 23rd 2019. Threads For Success held our 13th annual event. This year marked our 2nd Scholarship Raffle. Each young man who attended the event had a chance to win a $500 dollar scholarship to use for educational purposes beyond high school. Threads For Success Board originally drew 10 raffle tickets. The young men were excited and chanted “one more”. With excitement of the crowd Board Chair Rob Wachler decided to draw one more ticket, bringing our total to 11 Scholarship winners. Threads For Success will be awarding $5,500 to the Detroit community on behalf of our board and sponsors. Congrats to the winners!


              Name                          Organization                          High School 
  1. Keith Jefferson II            Alpha Esquire                             U of D Jesuit
  2. Devon Bryant Jr.            Mentoring Through Media      Henry Ford
  3. Austin Rivera                  Apex Academy                             Waverly
  4. Timothy Alexander        BINGO                                          DEPSA
  5. Julian Smith                   Mentoring Through Media       Henry Ford
  6. Daniel Ackles                  Loyola High School                    Loyola
  7. Dwaine Crump Jr.        Southeastern High School         Southeastern
  8. Eric Fears Jr.                  Westside Academy                     Westside Academy
  9. Justin Flounory             Westside Academy                      Southfield A&T
  10. Christopher Perry          Loyola High School                    Loyola
  11. James Tate                       BINGO                                         Mumford



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