14th Annual Threads For Success $500 Scholarship Winners 2020

On Monday March 23rd 2020, the Board of Directors held our Scholarship Raffle. Unfortunately we had to cancel our annual suit event on Saturday March 21st due to the Covid-19 (Corona Virus).

This year marked our 3rd Scholarship Raffle. Each young man who was registered to attend our annual event was entered into our raffle to win a $500 dollar scholarship. This money is for educational purposes beyond high school. Threads For Success Board drew 10 scholarship raffle tickets from a drum. Each student was assigned a raffle number based on their online registration date.

Threads For Success will be awarding $5,000 to the Detroit community on behalf of our board and everyone who supported our fundraiser.             Congrats to the winners!

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    1. Guy Jones– Mentoring Through Media
    2. Demarco Ross– Westside Academy
    3. Abdullah Bayi– Midnight Golf
    4. Amari Torrance– Midnight Golf
    5. Trevon Devoe– Midnight Golf
    6. Jalen Hayes-Allen- BINGO
    7. Maguel Ross– Kappa League
    8. Donovan Espinoza-Gonzalez– Apex Academy
    9. Brandon Espinoza-Gonzalez- Apex Academy
    10. Ricardo Gonzalez- Detroit Cristo Rey

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